2002 - 2009

I can honestly say that Lauren is the reason I'm a professional musician today. I was one of her first students over 17 years ago, and she is a born educator, motivator, and musician. Her knowledge and application of technique are incredible - I have had a career free of vocal pain and burnout because of the foundation she built with me. My lessons were tailored to both my needs and interests, making me a well-rounded, knowledgable musician while keeping lessons fun and inspiring. Her fierce and kind encouragement pushed me through shyness and gave me the self-confidence needed to pursue a life in music, a truly priceless and life-changing gift.'

Meg Contini


2011 - 2019

Lauren Ireland coached me in voice through the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts from the ages 12-14. She has a fierce passion for music and an open heart full of love and support for her students. I always admired her powerful voice, dedication, fearlessness and professionalism. I am now a student in the BFA acting program of the University of Alberta, a program for which I had to audition with many different performance pieces, including a song. Lauren and I worked on that song together before the audition, and she provided great support for me as I worked towards getting into the program. I owe so much of my vocal development to Lauren, and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities she has helped me achieve. I am so lucky to have worked with such an amazing teacher, and I deeply appreciate all that she has done for me. She inspires me to keep improving, keep practicing, and reminds me that there is always room to grow.

Abigail McDougall

2003 - 2008

My singing lessons with Lauren were my favourite part of the week. During this time, I experienced so much growth in my singing and performing abilities due to her musical expertise and the supportive (yet challenging) environment she created. Lauren opened up many vocal performance opportunities for me while providing encouragement and mentorship every step of the way, including recitals, auditions, recording sessions, and local competitions such as the Calgary Stampede Talent Search and Calgary Performing Arts Festival. Lauren is the most dedicated, professional, and kind-hearted music educator I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Jane May (Nieuwenburg)


2012 - 2017

I began studying with Lauren in 2012, because I lacked the technique and confidence in my voice. Knowing Lauren’s reputation, I knew she was the only teacher for me. With lots of encouragement and exercises, as well as an energetic and youthful approach, Lauren gave me all the tools to find my own voice. She then went further and tutored me (in theory and voice) while I applied to post-secondary for music in 2017. Because of Singsana, I am in my 3rd year at Humber College studying for my Bachelors of Music (voice). I have also provided lessons to my fellow students as a result of my technique. I will be forever thankful for Lauren and her studio for guiding me and being so amazing!!

Amelia Northey-Taylor


2006 - 2019

I have taken lessons from Lauren for 13 years. Lauren has always been proactive with her approach in vocal lessons - from providing new and unique exercises that fit my individual needs, choosing the right materials that are challenging yet achievable, and offering impactful guidance that has shaped my voice. For some, vocal lessons can be intimidating, but Lauren has always made me feel comfortable and confident after every class. I truly owe a lot to Lauren and her coaching throughout my years with her. Thank you for all your guidance in helping my voice be what it is today.

Nicole Saxton



I hadn’t sang in 20 years. Joining the Extremeties has been so fun! Our evenings together are fun and filled with such a great group of people. I look forward to my weekly singing lessons with Lauren and finding my voice again.

Gale Canji


2008 - 2014

I studied with Lauren at Singsana for 6 years, and every week she made it clear that she only accepted the very best of me, and she pushed me to give everything that I could. Lauren encouraged me to be a better singer and also a better performer, giving me not only plenty of opportunities to sing up on a stage, but also the confidence and professionalism necessary to perform. I am grateful for the time I spent with Lauren and I know she was instrumental in growing my passion for both singing and performing. I’m so glad to see others pursuing their passion with her now too!

Kim Cooke


2010 - 2013

During my time working with Lauren I saw a significant improvement in my vocal range and technique. I enjoyed her vast repertoire of music, and always looked forward to our time in the studio. Lauren is an exceptional teacher and helped me fine tune my performing skills.

Ryan Wallace