Singsana aims to provide individuals of all ages and skill levels with a comfortable environment for their vocal development.

Studio owner Lauren Ireland has created an encouraging atmosphere for anyone who has a passion for music of any genre. She strives to nurture confidence in new performers while giving them the tools to sing with proper technique. Advanced singers can explore new parts of their voice and develop themselves as an artist.

Lauren will help you find your own unique voice and give you the confidence to share it with others.






Students will follow the Royal Conservatory program for theory from Rudiments to Harmony IV. Supplementary exercises and study material will also be provided.


Consisting of classical exercises and a song study. Technically, we will focus on breathing, relaxation, tone, placement and projection. Performance-wise, the focus will be on story-telling and delivering your song with sincerity. Students can choose any musical genre for their song. 

Adult Vocal Group

This group meets once a week and prepares songs in choral style. We work on vocal technique, singing in harmony, performance, delivering a song with power and sincerity, and solo work. Perform live in a safe and supportive setting. All levels of singer are welcome. Must be over 18 to join.

Recording Coach

It’s nice to have an extra set of ears in studio when you’re recording your next single. You can book Lauren sit alongside your session and support you in creating an outstanding track. She’ll keep your spirits high and keep you comfortable in the booth.